As we wrap the first month of 2015,  take a moment to reflect about how you started the year. Have you already flaked on your new years resolution? Have you fallen back into your old ways? It takes 28 days to make or brake a habit. Which did you do?

It’s still early. We’re only 34 days in. For the rest of the year, make it a priority to meet your goals. Specifically, your relationship goal. I watched the Lifetime movie, With This Ring, and was totally tickled by how it had everything that I speak about relationships all wrapped up into two hours of funny, oversimplified moments of truth.

The one thing that was head on, was the fact that these three women wanted a life partner, made a goal to get him, had a plan (and a back up plan) and followed through! The follow-through is always the hardest part. But this year, with all that you have, you must follow through!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 7.49.16 PM  Here’s how:

1. Set goals: You have to be working towards something. You want to start dating? Put it at the forefront of your mind and brainstorm ways that you can achieve this goal.

2. Position yourself: When I was in search of my life partner, I knew that I had to physically put myself in the position to meet him! To that end, I knew that the club was not where I would find him. Put yourself in places where the kind of partner you want would spend their time!

3. Be open-minded: Sometimes it’s the last person on your mind that could end up being the one! Don’t let superficiality cause you to end up alone! If finding a life partner is your goal, you have to be open to the idea that they may not always come in the package you expected.

4. Be purposeful in your actions: Like any other goal, you need to take it seriously! Date with a purpose. You wont find your life partner by doing things half-ass. Let it be known (without sounding desperate) that you’re looking for something serious. Why waste a year of your life casually dating someone who hasn’t made it clear that they have long-term intentions for you? If you aren’t developing a relationship, then move on.

5. Be realistic: This is certainly where many of us fall short on our goals! They need to be attainable and have some sort of flexibility. You’re not shopping for shoes, you’re looking for someone to be apart of your life. You need to be realistic in your timeline, your expectations and your responsibility in reaching this goal.

Following through with each of these steps will build a habit of purpose! Start now.



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