There was a time when I whole-heartily believed that cheating was a deal breaker. Due to my past relationship, where infidelity was a major problem, I just couldn’t imagine staying in a relationship with a cheating partner. However, in my training, I have learned and come to believe differently. Infidelity can shatter the trust to a state that appears to be irreparable, but if the commitment is solid in a relationship, and you are both willing to start new and do the work. You relationship can get be repaired.

Award-winning gospel artist Tina Campbell has been transparent in her journey to overcome infidelity in her marriage to produce husband, Teddy Campbell. The two went through a very public spat, when Tina discovered that Teddy had been unfaithful numerous times throughout the marriage.

Tina coins her faith as the most important factor in her recovery and they share the journey in the most recent episode of Boris and Nicole. Check it out below (interview starts at 8:36)

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