Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.28.45 PMSo you meet a guy and you think he’s a great catch. You find yourself speaking and texting him on a daily basis, totally smitten by this new exciting relationship. As time goes by you’re starting to feel as though things are moving in the right direction, but he hasn’t mentioned anything about taking the next step. What do you do?

This is a pivotal point in many relationships, it can cause one to find pause in approaching their beau in anticipation of “ruining” things, or not allowing things to go with the flow. What one must understand is that, if things are not made clear from the beginning, you risk being stuck at the “friend” stage for an eternity. Making things “official” is necessary!

Having the talk:

  • When first meeting a guy and your intentions are to be in a relationship, make that clear from the beginning
  • The talk should happen before sex! This may seem old school and dreadfully traditional, but there is some validity in having him understand that you are not interested in a relationship based solely on physical compatibility. Sex should consummate not initiate a relationship!
  • Be clear that you don’t want to be just friends! I can not stress this enough, a man who has no intentions on making you his girlfriend will ride the friend train for an eternity. Men are acton driven, if they want to be in a relationship, there’s nothing that can stop them. They’ll make the move to lock you down. But if he isn’t ready, he will never bring it up.
  • Be prepared to make a decision. If you bring up the topic of “moving forward” and you don’t get the response you want, you have to be prepared to make a decision about what you will do. You can either take the risk and wait until he’s ready (which could be never!) or you can decide to move on and seek someone who is!

The ball is in your court. So be proactive in getting what you want.

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