Screen shot 2014-08-02 at 5.54.12 PMDating can be a stressful process, especially if you’re dating to find a long term partner. In the beginning your time is spent getting to know your potential partner. You’re taking note of the things you like, those that you dislike and paying attention to the characteristics that make this person unique (at least you should be). However, sometimes you can get caught up in the superficial part of dating! And when this happens, the blaring red flags that are waving in front of you’re face, are often ignored as you reason them away at the sake of the very relationship you’re trying to establish.

To prevent wasting a substantial amount of time picking up the pieces, here are 4 Red Flags that should never be ignored when dating a potential partner:

1) Inconsistencies: 

Usually one of the biggest red flags that is ignored because it may be explained away because of your unofficial status. If a guy is serious about getting to know you he’s pretty deliberate in his actions. He’s going to keep up with the texts, the calls, and even his stories. You want to pay attention to those moments where you raise an eyebrow because he isn’t keeping up with the basics, at the very least.

2) Still in Contact with Ex:

You may not be his girlfriend just yet, but keep and eye out for a lingering ex. RED FLAG! You want to be clear on their current status and if he’s being ambiguous about what that might be…be leery!

3) Relationship with friends and family:

If any of these are important to you, you want to pay special attention to how he interacts with his family and friends. What is his relationship like with his mother? Momma’s boy and estranged mom’s, for me, are on the same page of red flags. Both can turn into a nightmare. Are his friends his number one priority? Is it bro’s before hoes to the extent that he seems completely oblivious to how that may negatively effect his relationship? These are all things you want to be aware of.

4) Deciphering between Cute or Creepy:

Now everyone has different taste. What one believes is beautiful, another may view as repulsive. You want to know what that means for you. You’ll have to think long term with this one. Will you be able to keep up with his kinky sexual fiasco’s? Is it making you feel uncomfortable, if so, chances are that may not change. Are interested in that convention or sport that he’s really into? Can you see yourself going to those uppity events that forces you to be around people who are less than entertaining? Is that messy car or house something to really want to overlook? You have to be able to see past the cute face and charm and decide if this is definitely something cute enough for you to hold on to or creepy enough to send you running the other way!

There are many more red flags to consider but sticking to these main four could considerably cut down on the stress of dating.



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