Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 8.45.09 PMFinding a friend these days is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are plenty of people who can take on the form of a friend, but it is in the subtleties and moments of weakness that reveal their true dedication to you.

There are several types of friends that one can come across in life…

  1.  The friends who want you to be their friends, with no responsibility of friendship to you,
  2. The friends who are there for entertainment purposes only,
  3. The friends that are supportive and are completely on team #friends4life,
  4. Best friends,
  5. Distant friends and,
  6. Many more…

With all the types of friendship we have in our lives, it can become tricky when we want to decipher between the friends who are truly there for us and the friends that are secretly against us.

Here’s 5 ways to know if you have a friend in (insert name here)… I’m sure you have someone in mind:

  1. They don’t compliment you: There’s something to say about a person who finds it difficult to give props where it’s due. Your friend should be able to see you in something cute and genuinely give you a compliment without any shade behind it.
  2. They don’t celebrate you: If your accomplishments are never good enough, you don’t have a friend in this person. They should celebrate you in the dark and in the light.
  3. They always seems to be in competition: The greatest thing about having a good friend is that you can be vulnerable with them, you can share your plans for the future and can expect constructive criticism that will be beneficial to your journey. If your friend seems to put down your ideas or always seems to be trying to one-up you, you don’t have a friend in that person!
  4. They are very judgmental towards you and the things you do: Friends are like siblings. They should love you as you are. One thing people have a hard time doing is understanding that you can’t hold someone accountable for the expectations you have for them. If you know your friend well enough, you know what to expect from them and you love them along the way. If your friend seems to turn their nose up at the things you do without trying to genuinely help you, you don’t have a friend in that person!
  5. They don’t accept the change in you: Friends are often thrilled by positive changes. They see the growth and recognize that it is not a threat to your friendship but the beginning of another chapter in their friend’s life. Moving up in careers, finding a new love, changing your party habits, no longer drinking or becoming invested in your faith are all things that can shake up a friendship. A true friend accepts the change in you and assists you in your journey. They embrace the change in you and it is celebrated.


Take a moment to reflect and evaluate the friendships in your life. Are they supporting you in your life journey or are they draining you? What one should understand is that people play several roles in your life and when the role is complete it’s time for their exit. Allow yourself to recognize the points of entry and exit for people in your life and you’ll be able to create a circle of energy and friendship that is fulfilling.



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