screen-shot-2014-07-19-at-9-17-46-pmTIP: Keep your relationship OFF of social media.

Maturity comes when one stops publishing every detail of their lives on social media.

Too often do we invite complete strangers into the most personal moments of our  lives. The idea of privacy is disappearing from society as more and more people “share” everything about their lives on their social media timelines. In the context of relationships, this is detrimental.

It takes a mature person to understand that social media is not the place for their personal relationships to be put on complete display! The highs and lows of your relationship is a personal journey and should be shared with those who have your best interest at heart.

So before you hop onto Facebook, Instagram or write your 160 character rant on Twitter, think to yourself if it is totally necessary to “share” this personal detail about your relationship. It could save your (love) life.

– JustLove by D



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