6488-000363It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life while trying to maintain a solid relationship. One of the most important things to protect is the core connection between you and your partner.  The connection will keep the long strong and at the for front of your minds. Many times, we wait until it too late before we try to reconnect and save the relationships that we value the most. Like anything else, relationships take work and partnership in order to work. Here are three steps to take in order to create and maintain a connection that will withstand the daily hassles of life!

1. Make it a Priority: This is key! Choose something that forces you and your partner to connect with each other on a frequent, if not daily, basis. Start off small. A simple kiss good night or as you part in the morning give you a moment of intimacy and is reminder of your love.

2. Do it frequently (if not DAILY): Practice makes perfect! If its a Friday night date, movie night, or nightly check-ins. Do it frequently! Make the moment special and non-negotiable. You want this to be a special part of your relationship, a time to decompress and reconnect as a couple. 

3. Revisit and build: If it’s not working, revisit and make a new plan. Don’t give up! Try something new or build on your original plan. It’s important and necessary to always take a moment to see how you can connect in a way that keeps each other at the forefront of your minds.

How are you maintaining the connection between you and your partner? Drop some tips below!



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