Black-CoupleRelationships are as complex as the parties involved. Two people come together in union and have to establish something that requires both of you to compromise. It isn’t easy, but what makes it more frustrating, is entering into a relationship where you are involved with someone who wants all of the benefits of being in a relationship, without having to carry the true responsibilities of being committed.

Here’s how you can tell if you’re involved with someone who want’s a girlfriend without having to make a commitment:

1. He expects certain things from you like cooking, cleaning and “holding him down”. 

2. You’re going out on dates but it’s referred to as “Chilling” or “Hanging out”.

3. He calls you for help with… everything.

4. He doesn’t introduce you to anyone or he introduces you as his friend.

5. He gets upset if you don’t do the things he expects of you.

6. When you get emotional, he quickly reminds you that “we’re just friends”.

7. When you bring up the conversation about making the relationship official, he tells you he’s not ready and doesn’t want to mess things up.

8. He tries to make you feel bad about wanting more.

9. He get’s upset if you mention moving on with your life (without him).

10. He finds ways to keep you interested like saying that he’s starting to feel differently but wants to take things slow, or does boyfriend things like good morning text and “I’m thinking about you”. (Don’t fall for it!)

If a guy can consistently be in your life as a “Friend” and do all the things that are like a significant other, there is no real reason that they should not be labeled as such. Where many people go wrong is in not being transparent. If you have the talk in the beginning of your “Relationship” and make it clear that the direction you want things to be going in is one towards a committed and monogamous relationship then you leave room for ANYTHING to happen.

Be aware of the signs of a guy whose just looking for a situation(ship). It’ll save you some time.



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