image1One of the most sought after life desires is balance. The balance between work and family. The balance between love and friendships. The balance between self and others. We go through life often struggling with how to find true balance.

When I thought of this initiative, I wanted to remind women that we CAN find balance, if we are intentional in all that we do! It’s possible, and it can transform your life!

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The best way to create balance in your life is through self-care, and boundary setting. Boundaries allow people to understand what you will and will not accept in your life. When you create boundaries, people know how to behave in your life. You also allow yourself to understand that you yourself have limits.

Through self-care, you learn how to reconnect with yourself and it’s also an opportunity to refill your tank. You get to do things that fill your soul, so that you are able to have enough to give others.

None of this is possible without being intentional. If you’re looking for a real transformation, you must be purposeful in every one of these areas!

#iTransform will highlight women who are working this thing called life; and have been intentional with achieving balance.


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Jenell was the perfect woman to be our first featured transformer. She has been relentless in creating a life that is filled with clear and consistent boundaries, adamant self-care, and a focus around balancing a successful career and family.

I reached out to Jenell to get her insight on how she has been able to achieve this balance throughout the years. And I’m so happy to help bring some of her light to all of you! I asked Jenell to give her feedback on two simple concepts, the creation of boundaries, and self-care… and of course, true to herself, her responses gives a glimpse into why she has been able to create such a balanced life. Check out some of her strategies and tips below:

How have you been able to create boundaries for the people in your life?

As a business woman, a wife, and a mom of two, my time is very precious! I find it very helpful to focus on the things that matter the most to me to keep me grounded. By communicating with my friends and family about how much I have on my plate and what things I’m available to do and most importantly not do, has allowed me the freedom I need to get things done.
I make sure to keep in touch with others when I can, so they don’t feel neglected.  Everyone around me who loves me wants to share intimate moments with me in my life, and because I’m only one persona, I can’t be there for every one at the drop of a dime. But keeping communication open and letting them know in which ways I can be there works great at easing tensions.
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 (Photo credit: Instagram @blakizbeautyful)
How do you practice self-care as a way to balance your life?
I have various hobbies that I enjoy doing in seclusion, like reading, prayer, journaling, painting my nails, drinking tea while listening to gospel music, and running. I plan the time to do all of these things during every month so that I can have time for me.

Are you inspired? I sure am… I want you all to take Jenell as an example of purposeful living. As I mentioned before, transformation comes with intention and action. Take a moment today to see how you’re transforming your life through self-care and boundary seting… this can be the first step to a life of balance!

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