Day 11: It is unrealistic to expect the love to feel the same as year one! So don’t get trapped into thinking that once things start to fizzle, the relationship is over.

Love ebbs and flows, so there will be periods in your relationship where you are not as connected as usual. It is a natural process and like anything else, needs work and dedication to regain the spark. I want you to know that EVERYONE goes through this. Don’t be fooled by the glamorous and overly perfect social media pages of your friends and family, that’s not real lol. What’s real is the understanding that relationships are dynamic and has hills and valley’s. No relationship is perfect, you simply have to find the person you’re willing to ride through the hills and valleys with.

If you’re in a place where things are a bit dim, I challenge you to take the extra step today to do something special, make the first step to turn your love faucet on. It’s worth a try!




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