Day 12: Thin love is the type of love that is conditional, is on a give to get system, and is fickle as hell! How many of us continue to confuse thin love for real love? One way to identify this in your relationship is to judge actions. Men speak through their actions and will make it clear to you how deep their love truly is, or if they love you at all. The truth is, you can’t make anyone love you, so unfortunately, some of us take whatever we can get. But when you continue to accept half-ass love, broken promises, misbehavior, and no commitment, you’re giving the person permission to mistreat you.

This does you no good! Don’t accept love that comes with conditions, that isn’t love at all. If you’re questioning the authenticity of your partner’s love and loyalty in the relationship, it’s time to speak up?

Today’s task: What kind of “love” are you accepting in your life?

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