In school, we are trained to help share the personal narratives of our clients. What’s my client’s story, and how is it impacting their lives? What most people don’t understand is the power behind their words, thoughts, and beliefs.

I find that many of my clients carry around a desire to tell their stories, but are crippled with fear of judgment, shame or failure.

Today I challenge you to tell your story! Decide how you will free yourself from the burden of holding on to something that so deeply bruises your soul, that you are incapable of moving forward. When we can release the pain, only then can we heal. When we’re able to use our story to inspire, it changes the impact it has on us.

Find an opportunity to share the story you have inside of you. Whether it is to achieve a goal, or a story of overcoming a struggle. The only way to gain from our experiences is to share them with others.




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