Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 6.23.28 PMWe all know her. She’s always on Facebook updating her status about ever intimate detail of her life. The highs the lows, and without pause, she leaves no stone in her life unturned. It’s cringeworthy and leaves you to question if she is mentally stable, because most people never put this much about themselves and their relationships on social media.

If you happen to know this girl (or if you are this girl), here’s 5 reasons why you should keep you relationship off of social media:

  1. You give people reason to judge: What’s interesting about these people is that with every argument, they run to Facebook and write not so subliminal status about what ensued. If you as an innocent bystander to your new feed replies negatively in anyway, you are hit with the “mind your business” or “everyone has something to say” as if you had invited yourself into their personal lives. When one puts their relationship woes on a public forum, just like your pictures, it no longer belongs to you! You give people ammunition to use against you and quite frankly, it is hard for people not to develop an opinion if it is forced down their throats via their feed. Here’s a tip: work things out with your partner through conversation, call a trusted friend, or write it in a journal. Save yourself the unsolicited opinion and keep your relationship off of social media! 
  2. The very worst parts of your relationship are put on display: Nobody’s relationship is perfect, and presenting your relationship as such is a complete lie. However, acquaintances or people who are not at all close to you or your partner should not be able to narrate the arguments and difficult moments currently happening in your relationship. Here’s a hint: If all that you are putting out about your relationship are the horrible things that occur, firstly you may need to rethink being in a relationship that causes you this much stress and secondly you need to think about the image you’re painting of your relationship and how that is being received by others. 
  3. Your character is in question: This goes hand in hand with number 2. People begin to question your sanity when you swing through two extremes in the matter of a few updated statuses. You are entitled to make whatever decision you want in your relationship but think about what it is saying about you if one minute your so fed up that you’re leaving this man that you love so much, to other say how amazing he is and how you’re standing by your man within a few hours. It becomes even more scary when this is a pattern, that people begin to predict. Here’s a hint: Take a moment and step away from the phone or computer. What does it say about you when you post negatively about your relationship? Just let that sit with you for a moment.
  4. It invalidates the good times: Although relationships can have some pretty rough times, you don’t want the bad times to overshadow the good. So if you’re on social media bashing your significant other on a regular basis, its pretty hard to believe that all is good when you post you’re vacation picture with your beau all cuddles up looking as if you have no care in the world. Here’s  a hint: From an outsider looking in, WE DONT BELIEVE YOU! You’re fooling nobody but yourself. 
  5. People take your relationship less seriously: This is unfortunately the end result of your posting shenanigans. When you don’t take  yourself or your relationship serious enough to understand that it should be protected and respected, especially on a public forum, others will follow suit. Nobody will take your relationship seriously if you are online playing it out note by note because you are unable to understand that social media is not the appropriate space to work out your problems.

Love yourself enough to understand that although it doesn’t matter what people think, what you put out into the universe will determine how people receive you and when the times get tough you want people to be there for you. It’ll be incredibly hard to do that, when you have broken down your character and relationship to a point where people can see how unstable and irrational you are by making irresponsible choices like putting all of your private life on Facebook.

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