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No matter who we are around, we will respect our relationship at all times: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Respect! This is imperative to establishing a healthy and happy relationship. You must honor your partner and your relationship no matter the situation. Everyone should know how much you value your relationship and must respect your partner and relationship as much as you do.

1. This should be present in your actions: When you are around others you acknowledge your partner, and introduce them in social situations. If you are alone, and are approached by another interested party, you make it clear that you are in a relationship, if the subject arises.

2. This should be present in the way you speak: You want to always be mindful of the picture you paint of your partner. I am a firm believe in keeping your relationship sacred (not secret). Be transparent about your love for each other, but think carefully before you disclose every hardship, relationships are complex and you can tarnish the image of your partner by letting everyone know the bad parts without any of the good.

3. You speak highly of your partner and never allow another to disrespect them in any way: You set the tone, so if you show that you respect them, people will have no other choice bu to follow suit. At the end of it all, there should be no doubt that you’re invested.

How are you keeping things respectful? Drop a note below.



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