Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.51.24 AMWith its rise in popularity, Reality TV have started careers, revived careers or catapulted already relevant figures into major stardom. However, it has also redefined the meaning of ‘celebrity’ and has set some unfortunate people in the “fortunate” position of being role models to people in mainstream society. Love and Hip Hop showcases women who are tackling the everyday challenges of being a woman dating a man within the music industry. But what it also showcases is the foolery that they willfully deal with, like infidelity, commitment issues and abuse, all in the name of love.

I hoped with each premier the women become smarter, stronger and stand for something other than a Louis Bag and their 15 minutes of fame, but I am consistently let down. The newest season of the Love & Hip Hop is laced with psuedo-couples, infidelity and angry women. It’s baffling that time after time women sign up to play the script of a woman scorned without understanding that with all the fame and attention come responsibility. I worry most about the young women and girls who tune in each week to witness this bad behavior. Without intervention and another example for behaving, it gives them the impression that this is love. Dysfunction is love, infidelity is inevitable and women share men. Period.

All false truths.

Here’s the top 5 ways reality TV is teaching women to settle:

  1. If he messes up, you are required to stand by him through THICK, THIN, DRUGS and INFIDELITY despite your good sense.  With the reintroduction of Joey and Tahiry and the new love triangle it shows us that women are expected to DEAL with their situation despite what they truly feel, whether its right or wrong. The more you stay, the more street credit and the more of a ride-or-die you become.
  2. Love hurts! Right? Well if you watch Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives and Atlanta Housewives with the exception of my girl (Nene) love is suppose to hurt. Thats how you know its real! If you are not crying, fighting, searching through phones and fighting with his side chicks, you are not in love.
  3. The more drama the better.  What’s a life without turmoil? If you are in a relationship or friendship of sorts it is absolutely necessary to have turmoil in order for it to function.
  4. Men cheat…so what!  According to popular culture, Men cheat. Thats that and when they do, shut up and put up. Let them do their things without accountability for their actions (it makes for good tv).
  5. Other women are your enemy. It becomes clear through actions of their cast members and story line that women are suppose to be enemies. You can fight to the death to make a dysfunctional relationship work with a man who mistreats you and care little about the relationship but you should put little to no effort to mend a relationship with a friend.



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