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Take a moment and see how many of these points are present in your current dating life:

  1. Balancing out on both sides? There may need to be a conversation to clear things up between you and the person you’re dating. You want to be clear about the direction of your relationship.
  2. If you checked off yes on the relationship side, kudos to you! You’ve taken the time to establish clear boundaries¬†and commit to it.
  3. If you’re in the unfortunate group of the situationship (and don’t want to be there), it’s time to evaluate if this is really what you want.

A Situationship is a psuedo-relationship where one person is more committed than the other. You have all the benefits of a relationship, sans the commitment. 

Now granted, some people are perfectly fine being in a situationship, however, if this is not what you’re looking for or intended things to be, it can become a pretty fulfilling and frustrating experience. This can lead to resentment, arguments and the one of you (probably the woman) being left to their emotions and without the person you wanted.

Don’t be that girl! Have the talk, and make things clear.

Check out our post about defining your relationship for tips on ensuring that you don’t end up in a dead-end situationship!




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