self-care bucket list For those of you not in the know – a bucket list is a list of things we want to do before we die; a compilation of the daring, artistic, exotic things we say we will do someday. For me, it’s visiting the pyramids in Egypt, buying a house in this “hills” of Jamaica, and learning a different language (to name a few).
Bucket lists are great! They inspire and help us escape the mundane. But it’s not often we get to check those big-ticket items off our lists. Last time I looked, I made it to Africa (half check), but totally skipped over Egypt. Not to say my mind hasn’t visited these places in my daydreams, but the realities of life don’t make traditional bucket lists easy to complete.
Well, last week I started to think that since I’m in the midst of a transformation, I need to find ways to make this experience as pleasant as possible. So I thought, what could I do to ensure that I was creating happy moments for myself? And that’s when it hit me… I needed to create a bucket list. And not any kind of bucket list, but one that spoke specifically to my happiness. And that’s when the Self-Care Bucket List was born.
Now since time is not something I have a lot of, my list needed to be filled with easy enough things to do that will still shake up a routine, make me appreciate what I have, and give me an opportunity to slow down and breathe in the world. That’s what a bucket list really is, after all, right?

So what are possible self-care items that can be included in your bucket list? Read below…

  1. spa day (message)
  2. walk in the park
  3. family day
  4. technology free day/hour
  5. day off from work
  6. cook a special meal
  7. exercise
  8. hair day
  9. mani-pedi
  10. listen to music
  11. painting
  12. girls night

I suggest taking things slowly the first time you attempt to complete a bucket list. So I have included a goodie for you! Yes, a goodie, just for being awesome.

Click the download button to get your April – June self-care bucket list template. Here you’ll find a beautifully made self-care buck list template that gives you a list of 4 self-care items that you want to push yourself to complete for the months of April – June. That’s 12 opportunities (1 self-care activity per week) in the next three months to do something special for yourself. I know that I can go months without doing something special, so I’m pretty excited about doing something awesome for myself on such a frequent basis. I have also included a list of possibilities, just in case you’re having hard time coming up with activities yourself.

You’re welcome! You can totally do this.



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