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Wendy Williams, the controversial day time talk show host held nothing back in her latest interview with Forbes Lifestyle. The daytime diva made it clear what she thought about marriage and babies when she encouraged women to hold off from tying the knot and focus on their careers:

“Every woman has a different view and there are some women who have an opinion and are scared to voice it. But I’m not afraid to voice mine—don’t throw tomatoes! I do feel it is difficult for men to accept really successful career women. Whether it be that we out-earn them or on the marquee, our names are brighter than their own.”

The mother of one whose been married for 17 years went on to say:

“I also feel like marriage and babies stunt a woman’s growth career-wise and people don’t understand once you get married and once you have kids, you cannot do all the things that you used to do while maintaining this important precious thing you’ve built as a family. So my suggestion to women, always, is to use your entire twenties working your behind off in your career and get some ground footing, then think about meeting that guy. Even if you’ve met him at twenty-seven, don’t get engaged and don’t move to where he lives. This is about you and your career because we are the ones that lose in marriage. Not men!”

I cant say that I totally disagree with Wendy. As a new mother, I am quickly beginning to understand the sacrifice that comes with having a family. Being a mother and (soon to be) wife, takes up so much of my time, in addition to completing my third degree and building my brand. It is a lot of work; but for me, totally worth it.

I believe the biggest challenge for many mothers who end up walking away from their dreams,  is finding the balance. You’re made to feel less than a mother if you put your needs first; many women succumb to the notion that once the baby arrives, your life is over. My friends have been my biggest motivation. We’ve all vowed to continue to push on, despite what society expects from us as “mothers”. I have been blessed with an extremely supportive partner who believes in my dreams as much as I do, and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that I bring them to fruition.

From Wendy’s viewpoint, I’m dangling on both sides of the fence, I have the family and the degrees, however I’m still in the infancy stage of my career, so what now?

My advice is to keep pushing. Give it all that you got, try your absolute hardest and use your family as motivation. My son, is my biggest motivator. I look forward to having him grow up in a home where he can witness his parents working hard to create a life that is satisfying.

What’s your take on this topic? Do you think that marriage and babies stunt women’s professional growth?

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