I wanted to give this information to anyone who may be wondering what a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern is, and why you can feel comfortable working with us!

A Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern is registered with the state of Florida to provide mental health services as an unlicensed professional. These individuals work under a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who is also a Qualified Supervisor with the state. These clinicians work for two years under close supervision as they gain hours for licensure.

Prior to getting registered as an intern, interns must fulfill certain education requirements.

  • It is required that to get registered an individual must first receive a Master’s degree from a regionally accredited university.
  • A school approved internship. This is an intensive period of hands on experience where you learn the ins and outs of becoming a therapist. In Florida, the required minimum hours to get your degree is 1,000 hours.
  • After successful completion of a Master’s program, the registered mental health counselor intern candidate must find a qualified supervisor and apply with the state. He or she must work under this supervisor for a minimum of 2 years and 2,000 hours. Fifteen hundred of those hours must be in direct client contact!
  • Interns in the state of Florida must also complete a few trainings on specific items such as confidentiality among others.

Once these are complete, the intern can then take a state derived test to become licensed. Registered interns are available at reduced rates, however the effectiveness of counseling is the same as they are supervised by a very compassionate, experienced and knowledgable licensed professional.